Puterea unui compliment

by Adriana Matei
Port ochelari de vedere de-o viata si, desi exista optiunea operatiei care m-ar scapa definitiv de ei, ma simt ciudat sa abandonez o parte din mine. Pentru ca ochelarii de vedere au ajuns o parte din mine. Am atatea amintiri…

Your best self

by Adriana Matei
Being a style coach means more than just taking care of your image. How we look expresses how we feel, who we are, where we want to be, what we want to achieve, our opinion about ourselves. Our image is…


by Adriana Matei
   Ferocius, sensitive, smart, innocent, feminine, sexy, stylish, informed, cool, brave, successful, fearless, motherly, fit, annoying, stubborn, ambitious, persevering and the list could go on infinitely. Talking about the women in our lives or the women in our bodies and minds,…