12 Dec

     Holidays are coming and, of course, the time when we eat more than we can, spend more than we have and give more than we want. It is also the period when we spend most of our time at home, in front of the TV, watching all sorts of TV series and kind of not using our brains at all. Instead, in my naive attempt of not letting your brains die, I made a top 5 documentaries that will change your life and make you think more about real stuff, the stuff that is going on around us. So, here it is…


    5. I chose four documentaries, easy entertaining ones, about famous people who have some incredible stories or experiences to tell: “Can I be Me” – Whitney Houston; “Welcome to my life” – Chris Brown; “Five Foot Two” – Lady Gaga; “The story of Diana” – Princess Diana. They can all be found on Netflix and on the internet, generally. They are from different generations, they lived different experiences, but believe me they all have interesting and kind of shocking things to say.

     4. Beginning with the fourth place we start to put ourselves some meaningful questions. About life, God, about where we come from, our mission and our beliefs. I chose Morgan Freeman’s documentary, “The Story of God”, available on Netflix also, to be put on the fourth place. He travels around the world and takes contact with different people from different religions to answer questions about God, about good and evil, heaven and hell, miracles and the truth about faith. Needless to mention his charm, his warm way of talking and his angelic look.

    3. People with huge wardrobes and nothing to wear, huge houses with so little spare space, rich people who are unhappy even though they can have whatever they want, the obsession of having and buying more…these are all sick habits that society pushes us to have. For the third place I chose the relaxing and still challenging documentary about the Minimalism, a simple way of living with less and feeling more. Getting rid of unuseful things, living in smaller spaces, enjoying life as we want it to be enjoyed.

    2. Until I saw this documentary, I never fully understood the importance of what we eat. Of course, I knew that pizza and pasta at the same meal may not be the healthiest thing to do, but from this until the point I actually took into consideration a plant based diet…well, it is something! The second place goes to “What the health?”, a documentary about health eating, about the consequences meat and animal protein have on our bodies. It is absolutely shocking that doctors all over the world know so little about nutrition and its real impact on our health. This documentary is honest, it doesn’t want to influence anybody or manipulate us into thinking something we don’t want to, it just brings logic arguments and presents scientific facts about food.

    1. Once that you know me and you know this blog and you got until this line, reading this, means you are a fashion lover. Actually, a style lover. We love clothes because they help us show who we are, what we think, because they are a simple and effective way of expression. Mass market brands feed our obsession of looking good because, why not, let’s be honest…it becomes an obsession…they bring new pieces every week, they copy every designer’s hit..they make us happy, they make us feel rich with their so low prices…But have we ever thought about the true cost of these facts? Buying a T-shirt with 2 euros is ridiculous, taking into consideration some people worked for that piece. Well..the shocking documentary I chose for the first place will open your eyes. Or at least I hope it does. “The true cost” shows you the truth behinf the fast fashion: the factories, the deplorable conditions of work, the low salaries, the murders, the violence, the poorness, the whole ecological disaster. Fashion does this, fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world!!! Wake up, stylish people, it is the time we reconsider vintage, local brands, local fairs, pre owned and borrowing stuff one from another.