by Adriana Matei

   Ferocius, sensitive, smart, innocent, feminine, sexy, stylish, informed, cool, brave, successful, fearless, motherly, fit, annoying, stubborn, ambitious, persevering and the list could go on infinitely. Talking about the women in our lives or the women in our bodies and minds, I can’t help but wonder: Should we still think that women superheroes exist only in the movies?


Xeliana, the Princess of the Natural


But yet feminine and sensual

   ¬†XELIANA is the superhero of the nature. She breaths for helping this planet get better, for us to live healthy, happily and longer. It’s impossible that you don’t have a Xeliana in your life. She’s that woman who takes care of the homeless people and animals, she is an activist in all sorts of NGOs that support and promote ecological living, sharing your time and goods with the others and, most definitely, she initiated all the civic projects in your community.

   She fights for peace and equal rights, but don’t you underestimate her antreprenorial skills or her business instinct when it comes to negotiating. She is a lioness who uses all her weapons to win. Yes, she is extremely hot, in shape, super stylish and with an excellent taste in fashion, but she won’t point them out at you. She can easily pull of the shortest mini skirt and the highest heels, but she will always choose to intrigue the others by wearing the most unsexual piece of clothing you could ever imagine because she wants you to keep questioning yourself how does her body look. She knows her mental strength, wittiness and, sometimes, scarry intelligence too damn well to stake only on her physical appearance.

   The thing with Xeliana is that you think you can figure her out in an instant. Always smiling, spending her weekends with the homeless or with the abandoned children, ignoring the men who swarm around her, crying when an animal is mistreated, loving spending time in the nature, always keeping her sexual appearance in decent proportions. Who would ever see her as a fighter, as an enemy, as someone who just won’t give up, as a sexy diva, as a wild lover or an exacting mother?

   Some may call her a loner, a frigid, an arrogant, a fake love giver, an opportunist or a snob, but that’s just because they don’t know how much she worked with herself and her frustrations caused by other people mean and mischievous behaviour and because they can’t understand how she manages to keep it real, strong, natural and successful without any magic or superpower.

   In a world where being superficial and empty on the inside is the winning hand, Xeliana uses her “superpowers” to help women not fall into the trap of the so called perfection and virtual life. With her kindness, tolerance, patience, love for the others and warrior spirit, she fights using her own example to make women fall in love with themselves again.

Dress created exclusively for this project by Aureliana. Thank you<3

Photo: Christian Tudose